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You run your own business. You call your own shots. You have studied your craft and your passion now fuels a business built around that. You provide great value to your clients, and you're justifiably proud of the products and services you provide.

Yet despite your success to this point, the next steps on the path to success are unclear. Or perhaps you are just now taking your first steps along such a path. In either case..

when you need... 

  • More customers, or better customers
  • More sales via sales process refinements
  • More efficiency from a digital workflow
  • Motivation and training for your team

...we should talk:

  • We turn do-it-yourselfers on to the tools and training we use
  • We can create single ads or entire campaigns for any media
  • We handle PR, promotions, media buying, everything web and more
  • Review & realignment of your sales process, with training for your team
  • Need someone to just 'handle it'? Turnkey service available 

Most recently trained by Google in Search Engine Optimization and by Dale Carneigie in High Impact Presentations. Having helped dozens of companies make millions of dollars I'm available to help you, too.

My support for your business is customized based on your needs, and your initial consultation is free. Who's next?

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t'ain't bragging when you can back it up

general manager - 100kw radio station

Rebranded Station; created a listener-driven experience that built upon the aptitudes of the team

• Grew revenue 20% year over year for three straight years

• Piloted Comedy Central program broadcasting from their NY offices

vp, marketing - kit car manufacturer

• Quadrupled sales within 5+ years as VP, Marketing

• Became Top Producer in fourth month in Sales on the phones

• Digitized Workflow. Developed New Products. Grew Certified Builders Network.

pr maven / web guy

• Replaced physical materials & manual shipping with instant, automatic digital portal for media partners

• Helmed the effort that produced record setting numbers in ecommerce sales

• Supported efforts that landed homologated vehicle on Ford stage at SEMA 2004

retail sales - top 2% contributor

• Maintained high volume, high margins and high attachment rates at the 7th largest electronics retailer at that time

• Attended first formal sales training - Ken Blanchard's One Minute Salesman

• Learned about and benefited from the perfect synergy of Marketing and Sales for the first time

media experience    motorhead experience    sales experience



random cruft

the stuff you find while cleaning out your flip-top head!(pat. pend.)

We've moved our Radio Demo Reel, Radio Ad Library and Radio Resources to our new site - WROG:
All Rog, All The Time! Listen Now!

ordained minister - church of the fsm

Once touched by His Noodly Appendage, I answered the call and became an Ordained Minister of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, so that I, too may now perform shotgun weddings and other rites. We welcome your support of our Ministerial Efforts!

swami raj - certified bait psychic

What started as a character on The Lethal Breakfast Morning Program has evolved into a cottage industry. Perhaps a hut industry, or maybe a yurt industry.. The Swami sorta defies description.
Experience Swami Raj Now!

let's kill spam!

Our latest YouTube Tutorial shows you how to set up a free Gmail account to serve as a robust spam filter for your personal (i.e. email account.