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It's your business, borne from your determination and built around your passion. You provide great value to your clients, but sales are flat and growth has stopped. You are encouraged at every turn by your family and your customers, yet the path to greater success is not quite clear to you.

you need a stark, raving capitalist

Selling greeting cards door-to-door in 1967 at the tender age of eight set me on the path in sales. A broad range of experience ensued: retail and wholesale, products and services, B2B & B2C. Living or dying with the success of each company's marketing efforts, we apprenticed and subsequently mastered print, outdoor, direct mail, tv and radio advertising. We were midwives at the birth of the interwebs. Today, we engineer sales processes. We optimize marketing funnels. And we have a passion for challenges like lean start-ups and turn-arounds.

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We don’t ‘just’ do anything, We bundle everything sales and marketing into a customized package for each client. And everything is done with our weirdly successful, holistic approach to helping you run your business.

Our Smörgasbörd of Services

• Branding - Logos, Mission Statements, Copy Writing
• Advertising - Any media
• Public Relations - Press Releases, Media Events
• Experiential Marketing - Trade Shows, Street Teams
• Digital Marketing - Web & Social; SEO
• Broadcast - TV, Radio, Email Campaigns
• Collateral Materials - From Cards to Contracts
• Tech Integration - Ensure that your equipment is up to the task
• Training - For you, your team, your customers

This list actually goes on, but it just starts to sound like idle boasting after a certain point. Right?

Anyway, we craft your story, create your marketing funnel and coordinate your sales process. We build the tools, produce the leads and train your team to close more sales with less effort.

And we are fun at parties. But Gosh! Enough about us!

Let's talk about your mission, your business and your goals. Only you can turn this monolog into a dialog.

Actions we have taken in the past helped dozens of companies make millions of dollars. Let's take the next steps on your path to greater success together.


let's talk about your success



t'ain't bragging when you can back it up

general manager - 100kw radio station

Rebranded Station; listener-driven and built around the passions of the team

• Grew revenue 20%+ YoY for three straight years

Lethal Breakfast Morning Program broadcast for a week from Comedy Central offices in NYC

vp, marketing - kit car manufacturer

• Quadrupled sales within 5+ years from $1.5M to $5M

• Top Producer after just four months

• Digitized Workflow. Developed New Products. Created Certified Builders Network.

pr maven / web guy

• Replaced traditional Public Relations methods with digital portal for media partners

• Produced record setting numbers in ecommerce sales

• Landed homologated vehicle on Ford stage at SEMA 2004

retail sales - top 2% contributor

• Maintained high volume, margins and attachment rates at nation's seventh largest electronics retailer

• Attended first formal sales training - Ken Blanchard's One Minute Salesman

• Discovered the perfect synergy of Marketing, Sales and Managing Your Team


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the stuff you find while cleaning out your flip-top head!(pat. pend.)


Our Radio Demo Reel, Radio Ad Library and Radio Resources have a new home - WROG.info: All Rog, All The Time!

swami raj - certified bait psychic

Experience the Law of Attraction through the miracle of Free Bait Enchantment.

Retro Motors USA

We make it fun and easy to drive the car of your dreams!


In Celtic society, the shanachie is the member of the clan responsible for keeping the lore and the lessons of the elders alive. Now in the third half of life, we're building a fire and soon, we'll be telling our stories.